Hey there!

Hi! I'm Nehha

Nehha Lohiya is an Entrepreneur, Amazon Bestselling Author, Life & Purpose Coach, Sound Therapist, Counsellor and  Hostess of the Enlighten with Nehha Podcast.

Hi! I'm Nehha

Nehha Lohiya is an Entrepreneur, Amazon Bestselling Author, Life & Purpose Coach, Sound Therapist, Counsellor and  Hostess of the Enlighten with Nehha Podcast.

Hey there!


How I went from 'Corporate'
Founder to 'Holistic Entrepreneur' by helping others live and love the best version of themselves.


Like most of us I was riding on the hamster wheel of a typical corporate work chasing the targets seeking exponential financial growth by the day.

As a qualified Architect I have successfully nurtured a design corporate company as an entrepreneur until I could not further minimize the questions echoing in my being to find the right answers from the ocean of knowledge available in scriptures and subject experts in the field.  

I finally answered my intense inner calling and decided to pause and reflect...

...on expanding my impact as a creative writer, artist and media professional.

The three month sabbatical helped me take a deep dive into identifying my real purpose.

To create an exponential impact and serve people transform their journeys to blossom into becoming the best version of themselves and hence live the best version of their lives.  

We started by reading and researching on millions of references like books, articles, blogs and decode the scattered knowledge provided in our scriptures ranging from Vedas, Upanishads, Quran, The Bible etc. We made our own notes and assimilated this enriching content and demystified the hidden secrets of Life to create a user manual for all of us as one big human family.  

We also interviewed about more than 100 doctors, spiritual scientists, healers and therapists to get an insight on synthesising the ancient wisdom with modern science.

It helped us validate the knowledge from a very practical and modern perspective which can then be implemented and put in action in our daily life.

"Healing starts with awareness and knowledge which evolves into action and wisdom, the process of healing eventually enlightens you to become the best version of yourself."


This entire endeavour of four years of intense research gave birth to a five volume book series which we titled as ‘EVOLVE’ - To live the best version of your Life.

The name dawned upon in one of the meditation sessions and I felt guided at each step to take it further and expand it to each human on this planet.

EVOLVE - THE BOOK SERIES has become the script for my Life to navigate and expand it further through various platforms only to reach as many souls as possible in this life time and also possibly leave a legacy for people to enrich their lives for the times to come.

My New Book, The Hidden Secrets of Life is here!

There's so much more to life than what meets the eye. Our human potential is vast and uncharted. With this book, you can tap into the power of nature and unlock the secrets to living your best life.

"The Hidden Secrets of Life" is your guide to manifesting your dreams and overcoming any challenge. From physical to emotional to spiritual, this book covers it all. Starting from the Big Bang, the book delves deep into the science of nature and its laws. By understanding how it all began, you can optimize your potential and thrive beyond survival.

Join us on a journey of self-exploration and live the life you've always dreamed of.

Let's Grow Together

Thank you for being here. Let's stay connected.

As the first member of this 30,000 strong and growing, enlightened community I want to support you every step of the way on your path of growing to be the best version of yourself!

I would urge all of you to become a part of this endeavour and lets heal, evolve and enlighten this planet together as one world, one family.

Love & Light,


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